Earl of Davenport

Wicked Regency Romance

The Devil of Davenport is in need of a bride. Everyone knows the wicked earl is looking to wed, but only his childhood friend, Anne, knows his secret. Despite what society believes, he’s not a devil–not really. Not at all. Of course, he’s no saint either. He’s a man. One she hopes will solve all her family’s financial woes by marrying her eldest sister, the only sibling not tainted by scandal.
But the earl has other plans. While Anne’s sister is the safe choice, she’s not the one who makes his pulse race. There’s only one who can tame his wicked ways, but choosing Anne will thrust her into the type of scandal she’s tried so hard to avoid. Can a devil like him ever win an angel?

Earl of Charm

Wicked Regency Romance

The Earl of Charm has it all—the title, the wealth, the land. The only one thing he doesn’t have? Charm.

As the second son, Alexander Gordon was never supposed to inherit the earldom. But then again, his elder brother wasn’t supposed to die in a tragic hunting accident, either. Alex’s gruff manners and quiet nature are far better suited to his solitary life as as a scholar, but Alex is honor-bound to do right by the title and by his family. Which means…he must find a wife. More importantly, he must learn how to woo a wife.

Luckily for Alex, his great aunt has brought her companion along to celebrate Christmastide. The lovely Miss Lovelace might be plagued by scandal and notoriety, thanks to her family’s downfall, but she knows more than anyone about the art of charm and flirtation. His new instructor makes the ideal practice partner for conversation, and dancing, and…kissing? But no, that was a mistake. He has a duty to his family to uphold, and as delectable as his new teacher might be, she’s not a proper choice to be his wife. When it comes to love versus duty, it would be wicked to choose with his heart…wouldn’t it?

A Rake’s Ruin

Devilish Lords Book 1

Only the wildest woman can ruin a devilish lord…

Claire is the dutiful, proper Cleveland sister, and the only one who’s not embroiled in a scandal. Until now. With her sister’s marriage to an earl, the weight of responsibility to save her family has been lifted from her shoulders, and for the first time in her life Claire is free. A rebelliousness she’s long denied has her acting out in ways she would never have imagined. Like chasing her brother through the dark streets of London… and kissing her brother’s best friend and notorious rake, Lord Nicholas.

Nicholas thought he knew everything there was to know about his friend’s proper and boring younger sister. Beautiful though she might be, Claire holds no allure for the worldly rogue. At least, not until he holds her in his arms. Could this passionate, daring, feisty woman be the same Claire Cleveland with the simpering smiles? Even more alarming, has the woman of his heart been right in front of his eyes this whole time? He may be late to realize that there is more to Claire than meets the eye, but now that he’s seen her true nature, he’ll do anything to keep her by his side. Even if that means marrying her.

A Duke’s Distraction

Devilish Lords Book 2

He’s looking for a duchess. She’s looking for…well, anyone but him.

Georgie Cleveland is well aware that true love exists. She may have even found it in the handsome young gentleman she’s set her sights on. Unfortunately, her rival has the same designs on society’s most sought-after poet. Now Georgie is forced to go to extremes to catch his eye. She could make him

A Gentleman’s Gamble

Devilish Lords Book 3

Eliza may never forgive the man who nearly ruined her sister, but that doesn’t mean she can’t marry him.

Eliza Beucraft is in a pickle. She’d thought she’d successfully avoided marriage altogether, but her father has other ideas. Unless she wants to be stuck with the cruel gentleman of her father’s choosing, she must find her own husband. Preferably one who needs her dowry and is willing to take a risk on her admittedly ludicrous plan. There’s only one man who comes to mind. A man she despises after his devilish deeds two years ago, but one who she knows cannot resist a wager. Now if only she can remember that his kisses aren’t real and that this marriage is only for show…

Everyone knows that Jed Cleveland has made more than his fair share of mistakes. He hasn’t gambled in years, yet he’s still paying his debts and making amends for his sins. But only one woman knows how close he came to losing his soul along with his family’s fortune, and he’s avoided Eliza Beaucraft ever since. She’s the one woman who knows his darkest secret, and maybe the one person who can offer him salvation. But it isn’t redemption she’s offering–it’s marriage. When she comes to him with a proposition that could give them both the freedom they crave, he can’t help but take one last chance on fortune. And maybe, just maybe, he’ll win more than he ever deserved…her heart.

A Lady’s Luck

Devilish Lords Book 4

Henri lives to uncover secrets, but this man has everything to hide…

Lady Henrietta Bloomfield has built a fortune gambling on the utterly predictable foibles of her peers. When her latest wager fails thanks to the stodgy Earl of Colefax and his surprisingly rash behavior, she’s more intrigued than disappointed. It seems there’s more to the upright earl than meets the eye, and Henri makes it her mission to discover who he really is. The more she gets to know the real Alistair, with his dark passion and his mysterious missions, the more she finds him utterly, irresistibly appealing. And what she feels when he holds her in his arms? That’s enough to make her doubt her sanity. No rational woman should lose her heart to a man who’s determined to ruin her fun.

Alistair might have found Henri’s nosey antics amusing…if he didn’t have so many secrets to hide. But it’s not just his pride on the line–lives are at stake, including his brother’s. He has no choice but to do whatever it takes to distract Henri from her suspicions, and if kisses are the best way to do that, then so be it. Now if only he can kiss her senseless without risking his own heart in the process.

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