The Not So Perfect Day

A Sweet Best Friends Romance

Ellie’s planned the perfect wedding, just…with the wrong groom.

Bride-to-be Ellie Thatcher is in the final stages of preparing for her wedding day, and it’s supposed to be perfect, right? But it isn’t. It can’t be. Not without her best friend Ian by her side. Her perfect day would be ruined if he’s not there to share it with her. The invitations all went out weeks ago, and the clock is ticking. So where is he already? And more importantly, why are all her thoughts about Ian when she’s on the verge of marrying another man?

It’s too late to RSVP when photojournalist Ian Ferris receives the invitation to his best friend’s wedding. Still, it’s not too late to pop in on an old friend and check out the fiancé—for Ellie’s sake. Ian tries to put a nice face on it, to be there and show his support for Ellie and her choice. But the truth is, he’s going crazy because he can’t imagine Ellie with anyone but himself. Will Ian allow Ellie to take her journey down the aisle on the arm of another man and make the biggest mistake of her life? Or will he tell her the truth about his feelings, and help her see that he’s more than just her best man…he might just be the love of her life.


Dating Prince Charming

A Sweet Fake Relationship Romance

Could her high school nemesis really be her very own Prince Charming? 

No longer the loner she was in high school, reporter Mackenzie Rivers will do anything she can to save her news site—even if it means going head-to-head with her old high school nemesis.  And some things just never change, especially the entitled, arrogant Jacob Hartley.  

But when Mackenzie gets her hands on incriminating photos that Jacob would rather keep buried, it might be the answer to all of her problems.  After all, blackmailing her way into the Hartleys’ exclusive gala as Jacob’s girlfriend gets her the scoop, and might just save her company. The only trick is remembering that this relationship is just for show. Easier said than done. If only this prince would stop being so charming….

Winning Snow White

A Sweet Opposites Attract Romance

They’re after the same thief, but that’s all they have in common…

Attorney Jenna Knight is as ruthless as they come. The reigning ice queen of the courtroom, she only agrees to help her ailing father figure out who’s spying on his law firm for a price. Her father seems certain that his partner and ex-wife is behind the bungled burglaries and failed hack jobs. But Jenna discovers that her wicked ex-stepmother hired an undercover investigator of her own to find the culprit, and the former detective seems to think that Jenna is the spy. 

Now all bets are off as Jenna and the retired cop engage in a game of cat and mouse to figure out who’s behind the subterfuge. Hunter might be her adversary in the office, but their chemistry is off the charts. If getting close will help her solve the riddle before he does, why not take advantage? The only problem is, can she win the game without losing her heart?

Saving Rose Red

A Sweet Opposite Attract Romance

A tough guy with a heart of gold meets a sweetheart with a will of steel…

Andie Knight might not be looking for trouble, but she has a knack for finding it. When an impromptu photoshoot in her old Brooklyn neighborhood lands her in the middle of an ongoing investigation, she’s forced to lean on undercover cop and bona fide hottie, Cole Michaels. Unfortunately for her, this reluctant hero seems to think she’s a delicate flower and he’s intent on protecting her…from himself.

Cole would give anything to keep Andie out of harm’s way. The woman he’s come to think of as the angel of Brooklyn doesn’t belong in Cole’s world of devils and danger. But while his angel is sweet, she’s also stubborn, and she has her sights set on him. He might be tough when it comes to the bad guys, but does he have the strength to keep Andie at arm’s length?

Enchanting the Beast

A Sweet Fake Relationship Romance

It all started with a lie…

Holly has been sent to con her reclusive tech genius neighbor, but she has one big problem: she can’t lie to save her life. To make matters worse, she breaks every rule in the book when she develops a crush on her mark.

Spencer is on to his stunning neighbor’s deception from the start, but in an effort to figure out her plan he’s gone and done the unthinkable—he’s fallen for the one woman he can never trust.


Homecoming Promise

Sweet Beginnings Book 1

What do a prima ballerina and a bad boy biker have in common? Only everything that matters.

Hometown hero Claire Geddy’s career as a ballerina has been cut short by injury. Now back in Lulu, Montana, she finds herself adrift and aimless for the first time in her life. When her high school crush and small town bad boy, Cole Deckland, rolls back into town, he might just be the distraction she needs to forget her problems. Of course, it can’t last for long. Even if Cole changes his drifter ways, she has a life to get back to in New York. But when her old life beckons, leaving Lulu this time around might just mean leaving her heart behind.

Cole Deckland is back to make amends. After years of taking off when the going gets tough, he’s back for good. No one seems to believe that he’s changed, least of all his siblings who’ve run the family’s cattle operation in his absence. With the ranch struggling financially, his family needs him in Lulu now more than ever. Cole is determined to prove that he can be the reliable brother they need, as well as the man that Claire deserves.  But how can he be there for everyone when Claire’s leaving means he has to decide between family obligations or following the woman he loves?

Promise to Return

Sweet Beginnings Book 2

Can a small-town rancher find love with a big-city debutante? Yes, but only if they don’t kill each other first.

Dax Deckland has finally met his match. His family’s ranch is in the black now that they’re catering to the rich and elite. But his sister’s latest plan to host a celebrity wedding is asking too much of this old-school cattle rancher. And now, on top of everything, he’s the one who has to play tour guide to the big-city event planner who’s come to Montana to check out the property.

Katy would rather do just about anything than spend her Fourth of July in Middle of Nowhere, Montana. But her biggest client has her heart set on a wedding venue that no one will find, and this little ranch in Lulu fits the bill. Unfortunately, the man who runs the place seems to dislike her just as much as she hates nature. 

If these two can find some common ground, they might just get along. And once they stop fighting, they might just fall in love.

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