Homecoming Promise

Sweet Beginnings Book 1

What do a prima ballerina and a bad boy biker have in common? Only everything that matters.

Hometown hero Claire Geddy’s career as a ballerina has been cut short by injury. Now back in Lulu, Montana, she finds herself adrift and aimless for the first time in her life. When her high school crush and small town bad boy, Cole Deckland, rolls back into town, he might just be the distraction she needs to forget her problems. Of course, it can’t last for long. Even if Cole changes his drifter ways, she has a life to get back to in New York. But when her old life beckons, leaving Lulu this time around might just mean leaving her heart behind.

Cole Deckland is back to make amends. After years of taking off when the going gets tough, he’s back for good. No one seems to believe that he’s changed, least of all his siblings who’ve run the family’s cattle operation in his absence. With the ranch struggling financially, his family needs him in Lulu now more than ever. Cole is determined to prove that he can be the reliable brother they need, as well as the man that Claire deserves.  But how can he be there for everyone when Claire’s leaving means he has to decide between family obligations or following the woman he loves?

Promise to Return

Sweet Beginnings Book 2

Can a small-town rancher find love with a big-city debutante? Yes, but only if they don’t kill each other first.

Dax Deckland has finally met his match. His family’s ranch is in the black now that they’re catering to the rich and elite. But his sister’s latest plan to host a celebrity wedding is asking too much of this old-school cattle rancher. And now, on top of everything, he’s the one who has to play tour guide to the big-city event planner who’s come to Montana to check out the property.

Katy would rather do just about anything than spend her Fourth of July in Middle of Nowhere, Montana. But her biggest client has her heart set on a wedding venue that no one will find, and this little ranch in Lulu fits the bill. Unfortunately, the man who runs the place seems to dislike her just as much as she hates nature. 

If these two can find some common ground, they might just get along. And once they stop fighting, they might just fall in love.


Promise Me Forever

Sweet Beginnings Book 3

He’s a ranch hand. She’s the owner’s beloved little sister. There are a million reasons why they shouldn’t be together….but there’s also no way they can stay apart.

Alice has been in love with her older brother’s best friend James for as long as she can remember. One night five years ago she thought maybe they stood a chance. She was wrong. Heartbroken and rejected, she moved on. Or at least, that’s what she told herself. But now an opportunity has come along and it’ll mean leaving the family’s ranch—and James—far behind. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime…just so long as she doesn’t lose her heart for good while saying goodbye.

James should let Alice go. She’s always dreamt of more than their little world could give her. More than he could give. She has dreams and he means to help her achieve them. So when the chance comes along to drive her all the way to Los Angeles, he leaps on it, because…why not? They are still friends, after all. The very best of friends…right?

Alice needs help and there’s nothing he won’t do for the woman he loves….except, of course, tell her the truth about the way he feels.

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