Tall, Dark, and Nerdy

A Sweet YA Romance

My best friend was a giant dork…right up until he became a billionaire. 

That’s right, my best friend is a billionaire. Who would have guessed that my nerdy BFF would become an overnight success? Not even Oliver expected the dating app he’d created for a high school coding class to take off the way it had, or for a mega-corporation to acquire it. And as for that whole insta-celebrity situation? Yeah, no one saw that coming. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Oliver’s sudden windfall definitely has its perks, especially for me, his oldest and closest pal. Limos and private jets? Don’t mind if I do. But there are downfalls, too. Ones I definitely hadn’t seen coming. Like the fact that my dork of a bestie is suddenly in demand with the ladies.

Oliver has always been cute, but never cool. And game? Well, the guy just didn’t have it. Until now, it seems. Money might not buy love, but it can get you a fresh look. New clothes, new haircut, new glasses…and what do you know? My tall, nerdy BFF is now a hottie, and every girl wants him.

If he can have any girl he wants, then why is he kissing me? I swore we would only ever be friends…so I guess the better question is: why don’t I want him to stop?

Audible Love

A Young Adult Romance

Love is blind? This starlet doesn’t believe it. Then again…she’s never been starstruck.

As a child star turned teenage diva, Avery has played a lot of roles in her lifetime. Not one of them was as difficult as pretending to be an ordinary girl at a normal high school. Well, relatively normal. Trudale is a boarding school for the arts, catering to the elite. But even in a school overflowing with celebrities and children of celebrities, Avery is an anomaly. She’s a superstar, a bona fide supernova in their midst. So untouchable she’s never even had a date. Her lonely nights are spent listening to her favorite voice actor bring her beloved books to life. But when it turns out that the audiobook narrator she’s been crushing on attends the same school, it’s clear this is kismet…or a cruel joke. 

As Trudale’s token scholarship kid, Seth’s as jaded as they come. Being paired up with the new girl who represents everything he hates about this world is basically torture. Except that the more he gets to know Avery, the more he realizes that there’s more to her than meets the eye. And maybe, just maybe, he can let her in on his secret. He’s the guy behind the voice she’s been crushing on, not his roommate. But trusting Avery means putting his faith in something he doesn’t quite understand. 

One thing’s clear, either this is true love or Cupid’s got a sick sense of humor.


Love at First Fight

Band Geek vs Quarterback

One humiliating photo, a stupid prank, and a hashtag that goes viral. That’s how my senior year goes from predictable to absurd in a heartbeat. This year is supposed to be easy. I’ve finally scored first chair in band, my college applications are done, and all my friends and I have to do is survive one more year of high school before our real lives can begin. Instead, I find myself in trouble with the principal, humiliated in front of the entire school, and fighting with my neighbor—AKA star quarterback, Prince Charming, and nicest guy on the planet. 

And that’s just on the first day back at school. Trust me, it only gets worse from there. As #GeeksGoneWild trends on social media, my friends and I are the targets of an online witch hunt. But they’ve picked on the wrong people and retaliation is severe. As the tension escalates, it soon becomes clear that someone needs to step up and put an end to this nonsense. If that means playing nice with the quarterback, I guess that’s what I have to do. Now if someone could please tell my heart that this new friendship is just for show. And the kisses…oh, the kisses. Someone please remind me that they don’t mean a thing.

My Virtual Prince Charming

Gamer vs Player

They’re after the same thief, but that’s all they have in common…

Attorney Jenna Knight is as ruthless as they come. The reigning ice queen of the courtroom, she only agrees to help her ailing father figure out who’s spying on his law firm for a price. Her father seems certain that his partner and ex-wife is behind the bungled burglaries and failed hack jobs. But Jenna discovers that her wicked ex-stepmother hired an undercover investigator of her own to find the culprit, and the former detective seems to think that Jenna is the spy. 

Now all bets are off as Jenna and the retired cop engage in a game of cat and mouse to figure out who’s behind the subterfuge. Hunter might be her adversary in the office, but their chemistry is off the charts. If getting close will help her solve the riddle before he does, why not take advantage? The only problem is, can she win the game without losing her heart?

Once Upon a Comic-Con

King Geek vs the Cheerleader

Julia Farrow has it all. She’s got the friends, the grades, the smile, the perfect reputation, and the new boyfriend who adores her. All in all, life is pretty much perfect for Grover High’s favorite cheerleader. Until she’s tagged, that is. That ridiculous Geeks Gone Wild hashtag is still going strong and while Julia has managed to steer clear of the drama unfolding between the jocks and the geeks, one embarrassing photo is enough to flip her world upside down. The boyfriend? He’s out. The friends? Turns out they’re more like frenemies. And that perfect reputation? Well, that’s all about to crumble as the truth comes out about Julia and her secret, passionate love affair with all things comics.

But Julia isn’t about to go down without a fight. She’s spent a lifetime honing her perfect image and when it’s ruined, there’s really only one person to blame. The school paper’s editor-in-chief and the guy behind the hashtag–Matt Cartwright. Sure, he claims he’s innocent, but if it wasn’t for him she’d still be on track to be prom queen. He might not be able to fix this disaster that her life has become, but there’s one way he can make it up to her. He can bring her along to the comics convention he’s assigned to cover for his internship with the local paper. He’s got the tickets, she needs an escape, and really, it’s the least he can do. She’s just tagging along as a fan, that’s all. It’s not like they have to be friends or anything. And those kisses? Well, what happens at comic-con stays at comic-con…right?


The Perfect Catch

Kissing the Enemy Book 1

He’s her brother’s best friend, her new softball coach, and now…her first kiss. Too bad he’s also totally off-limits.

There’s no doubt about it, Noah is avoiding Callie like the plague now that she’s living in the dorms on his college campus. She’d hoped this weeklong softball clinic would help put their past awkwardness behind them–after all, he’d taught her everything she knows about the game. But her brother’s best friend is more of a jerk than ever. Until he kisses her. And now…well, now she doesn’t know what’s going on between them. But it doesn’t matter, not really. She’s not here for Noah, she’s only here to show the recruiters at the big showcase game that she has what it takes to play for a college team.

It’s a solid plan…until it all falls apart. Thanks to Noah’s overprotective interference, she’s kicked out of the showcase game, and any chance of college scholarships slips out of her reach. But there might be a way to salvage her plan and her future. She just has to be seen, right? Noah’s the new coach for a charity softball event and he owes her big time. She might just be able to save her scholarship chances if she can survive his coaching…and his kisses.

The Perfect Match

Kissing the Enemy Book 2

The new guy at school was officially Kate’s worst nightmare. And that was before he turned her world upside down with a mind-blowing kiss.

Kate’s an introvert. Levis is…not. Some might say he’s a loudmouthed jerk. Kate definitely would, especially since he seems determined to make her life miserable by putting her in the spotlight every chance he gets. His opportunities are endless now that she’s babysitting his little brother, and when they’re paired up together for an intramural scrimmage? Well, there’s no hope of avoiding him now. She’s stuck with him, for better or worse.

But after her nemesis turned teammate kisses her, Kate has a much bigger problem on her hands. Suddenly Levi’s mockery seems more like teasing, and what she thought were attempts to humiliate her feel like the push she needs to overcome her fears. So really, the problem isn’t that she’s stuck with Levi as her partner…it’s the fact that she might be falling for her worst enemy.

The Perfect Score

Kissing the Enemy Book 3

Being a human cupid isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Especially now when it’s her heart on the line.

Ox might be the living definition of the strong and silent type, but Maddie knows for a fact that underneath that big, bad scowl lies an equally big heart. He deserves to love and be loved, and she’s just the girl to help him. After all, she’s basically a human love detector. She’s seen all of her friends’ true loves coming from a mile away. But Maddie has a secret, one that will ruin her reputation as the fun, carefree flirt that everybody knows and love. This cupid already lost her heart and she’s not sure she trusts herself to risk it again. Not even for a quiet giant with a heart of gold.

Ox never asked for Maddie’s help, and he definitely doesn’t want it. He keeps his distance for a reason. Or at least he did until Maddie came along. The little pixie with the brilliant smile wouldn’t take no for an answer when it came to being his friend, and now it seems she’s just as determined to find him a girlfriend. But how to tell her that he doesn’t want just any girl. He only wants her.


Out of His League

Briarwood High Book 1

What’s the first rule of reinventing yourself as a cool girl at a new school? Steer clear of your old crush.

A new school means a fresh start. So long Ronnie Smith, invisible tomboy, and hello Veronica, popular new hottie. This is my chance to finally be seen….and kissed. Yeah, that’s right. I’ve never been kissed. But I mean to change all that now that I’m starting over with a new look and attitude. The only problem? I’m not the only one from my old school who’s transferred to Briarwood High. Drew Remi is here, too, and he’s still the same wildly popular baseball star. He’s also the only person who can ruin my new life. But he can only rat me out if he recognizes me…So, why am I so upset when he doesn’t have a clue who I really am?

A Whole New League

Briarwood High Book 2

The star quarterback dating a theater geek like me? As if anyone would believe that.

If Brian Kirkland is the reigning king of the jocks, I guess that makes me the queen of the drama department. Hard to believe we were ever best friends. These days we go to great lengths to ignore one another. But when Brian’s current diva girlfriend convinces him to try out for my play, there’s no way to avoid him. I try to keep it professional, but years of anger and resentment are hard to dismiss. It doesn’t help that he’s just as cocky as I remember. He lives to antagonize me, which is why I’m just as stunned as everyone else when he does something nice. Something…unexpected. His very public kiss is an act of kindness to save me from humiliation, but it leads the entire school to think that we’re dating. Which is just crazy…right?

The Briarwood High novels are completely standalone romances that can be read in any order.

The Perfect League

Briarwood High Book 3

What can Briarwood’s resident bad boy teach little miss perfect? A lot, actually, since he’s her hot new tutor.

Beloved by her classmates at Briarwood High and newly minted captain of the girls’ basketball team, Juliette’s life is perfect. Except for the fact that she’s one bad grade away from failing. A tutor might help, but that would mean exposing her deep dark secret–she’s not perfect. Far from it. But if word gets out, her team will lose their fearless leader and she’ll lose her stainless reputation. Luckily there’s one name on the list of tutors who has nothing to do with her friends…or anyone else in the school, for that matter. Connor may not have friends, but it turns out there’s a lot he can teach her. And not all of it is on her syllabus. Like how amazing a first kiss can be and how hard and fast two people can fall in love, even when they both know that this secret relationship is all sorts of wrong.

The Briarwood High novels are completely standalone romances that can be read in any order.

Holiday Kiss

Briarwood High Book 4

When an uptight nerd is forced to spend her holiday vacation with a cocky jock…well, let’s just say Christmas at the beach has never been so hot.

With early acceptance to Harvard under her belt and graduation just months away, life is good for Maya Rivero. She’s ready to celebrate Christmas in Mexico with her mother, like every year, leaving behind the Briarwood classmates who’ve never understood her. She can’t wait to say adios to Luke Perona, in particular. Archnemesis, captain of the swim team, and all-around arrogant jerk, he’s become more of a nuisance than ever now that her mom has befriended Luke’s newly divorced mother. They’ve become such good friends, in fact, that Maya’s mother feels compelled to invite the entire Perona family to join them on vacation. Including Luke. 

Her vacation is ruined with one fateful invite. But when these two polar opposites are forced to spend time together outside the confines of Briarwood High, the truth becomes startlingly clear. They have more in common than they’d thought. In fact…these long-time rivals might even like each other. And it only takes one major holiday, two meddling mothers, and an epic holiday kiss to make them see it.

The Prom Kiss

Briarwood High Book 5

When a mean girl kisses a nice guy, someone is going to get hurt. Or fall in love. Or…maybe both.

Tina Withers doesn’t do nice. When she kisses Julian-the-emo-songwriter-freak to make his cheating ex-girlfriend jealous it’s absolutely not out of the kindness of her heart. She’s only evening the score since he’d not only let her cry on his shoulder after her latest breakup with her jerk of an ex, but he’d kept the whole humiliating incident a secret. Her frenemies would have leaped at the chance to take her down a notch by spilling the gory details of her stockroom meltdown.

So yeah, she owed him one. Besides, a good guy like Julian deserves better than his manipulative, selfish ex. And no matter how hot his kisses might be, he deserves better than her, too. She’s spent a lifetime creating her reputation as the biggest baddie at school, and her crowning glory is in sight as she prepares to claim her throne as Briarwood’s reigning prom queen. It’s too late to change now…isn’t it? Or maybe Julian is right. Maybe a little nice goes a long way when you’re known for being mean.

The Candy Cane Kiss

Briarwood High Book 6

Fake kisses shouldn’t taste so sweet.

When the new star quarterback at Briarwood High winds up in the hospital over Christmas break, he’s sure that’s as bad as it can get.
He’s wrong. His day is about to get so much worse. First he’s stuck with that irritating new girl from school who’s currenly dressed as a holly jolly Christmas elf as she volunteers on his floor. Then his ex shows up and asks his permission to bring her new boyfriend to his family’s Christmas party, and then…well, then he makes it all a million times worse by kissing the closest girl at hand, who just happens to be that weirdo candy striper with a penchant for Grandma cardigans and candy-cane striped tights. She also happens to be the only girl at Briarwood who doesn’t like him. He couldn’t have chosen a worse fake girlfriend if he’d tried. So the question is…if this relationship is all wrong, why does it feel so right?

Lola is a self-proclaimed freak and a military brat just waiting to graduate so she can take the first bus out of Briarwood. She’s also more than a little obsessed with all things retro. Including swing dancing. The only problem? Swing dancing requires a partner. Where on earth is she supposed to find a willing dance partner in the sea of conformist mediocrity that is her new high school? Fortunately for her, the arrogant jerk in the hospital bed needs her more than she needs him if he stands any chance of winning back his ex. So yeah, she’ll help him. For a price. But the closer they get, the more she hates the idea of handing him over to his perfect ex, and the more she has to wonder. Will she be the one paying the price…with a broken heart?

Beach Town Bad Boy

Briarwood High Book 7

Eleanor’s childhood friend is all grown up… 

It’s been three years since Eleanor last stepped foot in Sterling Beach, and some things haven’t changed. Her old friend Deacon isn’t one of them. Gone is the nice boy she remembers. In his place is a burly, tattooed bouncer with a chip on his shoulder and a grudge against the girl who left and never looked back. He’s not a kid anymore, and his kisses? Those are far from friendly.

Eleanor is looking for answers, but what she finds revisiting her favorite beach town haunts has her more confused than ever. The sites look the same but everything that matters has changed. Eleanor and Deacon might not be able go back to the past, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a future…

This is a novella in the Boys of Summer series, a collaboration between several YA authors. They are all standalone stories that take place in the same fictional town. Escape to Sterling Beach today!


Senior Week Fling

A Standalone YA Romance

Adam is Eve’s best friend, everyone knows that. But when the fake kisses turn real, even Eve isn’t sure if she can tell the truth from the lies. Are they pretending to be in love or is it a lie to say they’re still just friends?

The nightmare of high school is finally behind Eve…almost. Only one thing remains before she can finally shed high school hassles: Senior Week, where everyone heads to the Jersey Shore for one last week of partying and fun with friends and frenemies. And ex-boyfriends? He’s the one person she thought she’d left behind. He’s the guy who broke her heart and left her best friend to pick up the pieces.

Thank goodness her great pal Adam is willing to come to her rescue all over again. In a dramatic display meant to save her from public humiliation, Adam kisses Eve, telling their classmates they’ve fallen in love and are now a couple. After all, how hard could it be to fake a relationship for one week?

Playing lovers is all fun and games in a beach paradise as fake as their relationship. Until very real—and unwelcome—emotions start to emerge. Now Adam and Eve are battling not only their exes and rivals, but their own jealousies and fears. Can best friends really become lovers? Or is this all just a Senior Week fling?

Senior Week Crush

A Standalone YA Romance

She finally has a chance with the guy of her dreams, so why on earth is she kissing her worst enemy?

Layla James has been waiting her entire life for a chance to get close to her crush, Dylan. Now that moment has arrived. Dylan is finally single and he’s started to notice her existence. He even asked if she was going to Senior Week, the last hoorah at the beach before graduation day. Of course she’s going, this was destiny calling. The only problem? She doesn’t have a ride.

Unfortunately her irritating and smug archnemesis, Jack Abrams, has the solution. He’ll give her the ride she needs… on one condition. If Layla agrees to sing for his band, she’ll have her dream vacation with her lifelong crush. But once she’s on the road with Jack, nothing goes according to plan. Her first kiss is with the wrong guy, she starts to suspect that her lifelong crush doesn’t even know her name, and the guy she’s sure she hates turns out to be kind of amazing.

One thing is clear, destiny is not nearly as predictable as one might hope.

Senior Week Kiss

A Standalone YA Romance

Cat has one week to win back her ex, but it only takes one day with a beach town bad boy to learn that all her well-laid plans are nothing compared to a passionate kiss.

Catherine Vaughn has a plan. Of course she does, the type-A student council president always has a plan. But her itinerary for Senior Week doesn’t just include fun events for her classmates. She aims to create a magical, romantic moment so her ex-boyfriend will see just how right they are together. It’s an excellent plan…except that everything goes wrong.

Her perfect plan falls apart spectacularly on her very first day at the beach when she’s stranded in the rain and is grudgingly rescued by a British hottie with a bad attitude. But when her reluctant knight-in-shining-armor kisses her senseless, everything she thought she knew is called into question. It seems magic, romance, and love don’t play by the rules…and they sure as heck don’t follow a plan.

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