Tall, Dark, and Nerdy

A Sweet YA Romance

My best friend was a giant dork…right up until he became a billionaire. 

That’s right, my best friend is a billionaire. Who would have guessed that my nerdy BFF would become an overnight success? Not even Oliver expected the dating app he’d created for a high school coding class to take off the way it had, or for a mega-corporation to acquire it. And as for that whole insta-celebrity situation? Yeah, no one saw that coming. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Oliver’s sudden windfall definitely has its perks, especially for me, his oldest and closest pal. Limos and private jets? Don’t mind if I do. But there are downfalls, too. Ones I definitely hadn’t seen coming. Like the fact that my dork of a bestie is suddenly in demand with the ladies.

Oliver has always been cute, but never cool. And game? Well, the guy just didn’t have it. Until now, it seems. Money might not buy love, but it can get you a fresh look. New clothes, new haircut, new glasses…and what do you know? My tall, nerdy BFF is now a hottie, and every girl wants him.

If he can have any girl he wants, then why is he kissing me? I swore we would only ever be friends…so I guess the better question is: why don’t I want him to stop?

Too Nerdy to Handle

A Sweet YA Romance

Not even an heiress is guaranteed the guy of her dreams, but do I really have to get stuck with the one I hate?

My media mogul father has a mission for me–get the scoop on Alex, the private, guarded teenage running phenom…or else. He didn’t actually say ‘or else,’ but trust me, it was implied. If my new nonprofit endeavor stands a chance of seeing the light of day, I need to keep my father happy, and that means taking this reporter gig over my high school’s winter break.

It shouldn’t be all that hard. Make nice with the arrogant athlete, ask a few questions…get in, get answers, get out. That might’ve been the plan except that our first meeting was a tad…epic. It might have involved a kiss. And tears. And a little matter of mistaken identity. No big whoop. Nothing I can’t handle, it’s just…this interview would be so much easier to ace if my questions didn’t keep ending in kisses.

The Many, The Myth, The Nerd

A Sweet YA Romance

These days I’m a world famous rockstar, but the girl I left behind? She couldn’t care less.

At eighteen, I’m way too young to be so jaded. But then again, I’ve always been old for my age—a side effect of having to fend for myself when my parents bailed and the foster system shipped me from one home to the next. I’d had one friend back in those days, but I said goodbye to Daisy the day I landed my first big gig and left my hometown in the dust.

Now I’m being sent back to the town I swore I’d never return to for a charity concert organized by the girl I thought I’d forgotten. One look in Daisy’s pretty green eyes—eyes filled with loathing—and I realize she’s never really left me. She’s always been in my thoughts and in my heart. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for her. She’d written me off years ago, and she’s not interested in second chances or new beginnings. She’s more than happy to get this concert over with and say goodbye for the second time. For the last time. The problem is…I don’t know if I can leave her behind again. Not when she still owns my heart.

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