Striking out with the Star Pitcher

How To Catch a Crush

The high school hero offers to help his friend win the heart of the bad boy. But when he falls for her himself…? It’s no more Mr. Nice Guy.

The Bad Boy…

Simone has a plan. Well, her friends have a plan. The self-proclaimed Lonely Hearts Club has found a way for the awkward movie-quoting art geek to get the attention of the brooding bad boy in the band. This plan? It involves…studying.

When they get their hands on a stack of old magazines filled with ‘how to’ articles, the answer is clear. If Simone can master the fine art of flirting, her crush won’t stand a chance.

Mr. Nice Guy…

The school’s beloved starting pitcher might be popular, but the nerdy chick he’s been eating lunch with every day for years…? She won’t give him the time of day. Until he’s recruited by her friends to be her practice date, that is.

Everyone knows that Andrew is a good guy. A nice guy. So of course he agrees to be Simone’s stand-in crush. But then he starts crushing on her himself…

Now, all bets are off, because Andrew might be nice but he’s not that nice. And if playing dirty means stealing kisses, well…things are about to get messy.


Saved by the Crush’s Brother

How To Catch a Crush

Avery’s plan? Snag her crush’s attention, by any means necessary. She gets someone’s attention, all right, it’s just…the wrong brother.
The plan…
Avery’s not a fan of unrequited love. This crush on Alex Luven? It’s gotten old. She’s over it. In fact, this hopeless romantic is finally ready to take matters into her own hands, and the first step is to find some common ground. A mutual activity they can bond over, perhaps. When their health class teacher pairs them up to take care of the “health baby” for a week, she knows the universe is on her side. True love for the win! What better way to bond then over their precious fake baby?

The reality…

This is no ordinary baby. It’s a demon in disguise. Surely real babies never cry this much. The stupid doll keeps her up all night and drives her crazy with its neediness all day, and the worst part? Alex is a total flake.
When exhaustion reaches critical mass, she caves. If he won’t answer his phone, then there’s nothing for it but to show up at Alex’s door. Except the hottie who answers the door?
Yeah…this bad boy is definitely not Alex.

The brother…

Cristian’s not exactly excited to be at his family home on his college break. His father’s an overbearing tyrant, his brother is an egomaniacal jerk, and now… Well, now it seems he’s babysitting his perfect brother’s fake baby and kissing the girl of his dreams. So, not all bad then…right?
Except that the girl of his dreams has a crush on his Prince Charming brother. And much as Cristian can’t stand his brother, Cristian’s not about to get in their way. Right?
Except that he has…and he probably will again. Because when it comes to true love…his perfect brother can suck it.

Playing Hooky with the Hottie

How To Catch a Crush

He’s supposed to be making her look fun. She’s not supposed to be having fun.

Miss Serious…

Hazel’s crush thinks of her as one of the guys. How does she know? He told her so, right after informing her that she was one of the most serious, driven people he’s ever met. The swim team phenom is focused and she’s definitely driven…she’s not ashamed of that. But there’s more to her than just beating her best time and winning the next meet. She knows how to let loose. Sort of. It’s not like she’s never heard the word ‘fun’ before. 


When her friends convince her that the best way to show her crush the more fun-loving side of her personality is to give her online presence a major makeover, she grudgingly agrees. After all, it’s just a few photos. She’s always been a little uncomfortable around the photographer—a party-going wild card who views everything as a joke. But he’s got skills and for some reason she can’t explain…he wants to help her. So why not? It couldn’t hurt to have fun for the camera…right?


Meet the King of Fun

Will’s had his eye on the oh-so-serious swim team captain since he transferred to Lakeview High. Now he finally has a chance to get close, to learn what she hides behind that stoic, unreadable expression. The urge to tease a smile out of her is irresistible, and to hear her laugh? Well, that’s his new life mission. He’s never had to try so hard before, but for Hazel he’s about to go to bat.

But when feelings crop up, their arrangement gets complicated. He’s not so sure this’ll work. Because for Will, it’s all fun and games…until somebody falls in love.

First Kiss with the Quarterback

How To Catch a Crush

She’s on his campus to score a science scholarship…so how did she win the quarterback’s heart?

This shy high school senior never imagined her first kiss would come from a college quarterback. But then again, she never thought she’d get kissed at all. Not anytime in this decade, at least.

Speaking to guys is definitely not Charlotte’s forte. She’s more of a data and numbers kind of girl. But when her friends convince her that this weekend-long science competition is the best way to get her lab partner’s attention, she’s ready to step outside her comfort zone and show her old friend that she’s more than just a big brain.

Her first attempt at a flirtation? Not a success. But help comes along in the form of West, the college quarterback, a guy three seconds away from failing out…unless he can get a science geek to help him out. It’s quid pro quo for the science nerd and the athlete. Until feelings get involved.

Now no one is certain who likes who or what’s real and what’s fake…least of all Charlotte. Isn’t there some sort of experiment that could help her sort out the truth from the lies?

According to West, there is.

The details of this lab experiment? Well, it involves a first kiss…

Sleepover with the Enemy

How To Catch a Crush

Locked in a school overnight with her arch nemesis? Nope. Nothing could go wrong with this plan.

Chaperone the middle-school co-ed sleepover, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. Too bad they forgot to tell Max that the boys’ chaperone was none other than Alex Luven, AKA the bane of her existence.

Max could survive one night with the enemy, though. Right? It wasn’t like they had to be friends, just allies. Because when it came to watching a bunch of hormonally challenged tweens, it was clear that this was war. These little heathens didn’t want to play Monopoly, they wanted to play Spin the Bottle and Seven Minutes in Heaven. Worse? They thought it was hilarious to watch their chaperones go head to head in a heated game of Truth or Dare.

One night had never felt so long. But when it’s all over and these opponents go back to their respective corners, the future is far from clear. With secrets exposed and a certain kiss in a closet under their belts, no one knows where things stand anymore.

Are Max and Alex still enemies? Or is it possible that the fine line between love and hate was real…and they’d crossed it?

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